Moving a Database to Another Subscription

Plesk allows you to move databases among subscriptions. This can be useful when you move a website that works with a database. You can move only the databases that are not in use by installed APS applications from the Applications Catalog.

When you move a database to another subscription, assigned database users are moved too. However, if a user account is universal and has access to other databases, it will not be moved with the database.

Note: If the Plesk administrator moved a database to a subscription belonging to a different Plesk user, the former user will be unable to access the database using phpMyAdmin. This is also true for phpPgAdmin and myLittleAdmin databases.

To move a database to another subscription:

  1. Go to Websites & Domains > Databases > Move to Subscription in the database tools pane.
  2. Select a subscription from the list or start typing its name and then select it.
  3. Click OK.